Sr. No. Parameter Details (Given For Illustrative Computation Purposes Only)
(I) Loan Amount Total Amount Sanctioned
(II) Total Interest Charge During The Entire Tenure Of The Loan Upto 1% Per Day
(III) Processing Fee (Including GST) 8-10% Of The Loan Amount
(IV) Insurance Charges, If Any (In Rupees) Applicable If Required
(V) Others (If Any) (In Rupees) -
(VI) Net Disbursed Amount ((I)-(III)) (In Rupees)
(VII) Total Amount To Be Paid By The Borrower Sum Of (I), (II) And (III) (In Rupees)
(VIII) Annual Percentage Rate - Effective Annualized Interest Rate (In Percentage) (Considering The ROI Of 1% Per Day) 365%
(IX) Tenure Of The Loan (Days) No. Of Days The Loan Is Availed
(X) Repayment Frequency By The Borrower One Time Only
(XI) Number Of Installments Of Repayment 1
(XII) Amount Of Each Installment Of Repayment (In Rupees) (VII)
Details About Contingent Charges
(XIII) Rate Of Annualized Penal Charges In Case Of Delayed Payments (If Any) Double The (II)
Other Disclosures
(XV) Cooling Off/Look-Up Period During Which Borrower Shall Not Be Charged Any Penalty On Prepayment Of Loan 3 Day
(XVI) Name, Designation, Address And Phone Number Of Nodal Grievance Redressal Officer Designated Specifically To Deal With FinTech/ Digital Lending Related Complaints/ Issues Nishant Kumar Ojha, 1710, 17th Floor, WTT, Sector 16, Noida 201301 Contact: 8800750038