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Advance salary includes the excluded. Traditional lending routes refuse toexclude people with a low credit score from their potential customers' list.

We believe in giving a second chance to people with a low credit score toredeem themselves and increase their credit score.

The company is powered by Bilz Investments Ltd, and currently serves theresidents of Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Banaras, Kanpur, and Lucknow.Our head office is in Noida.

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If your rent and bills are suffering due to the shortage of money at the month-end,then we provide a loan to people with even a low credit score. You may repay theloan according to the tenure that suits you.

Rate & Terms

Minimum Loan Amount - 5000
Maximum Loan Amount - 500000
Tenure - 62-180 Days
Late Payment - 4-5% per month
Admin fees - 500 - 1000 depends on your loan
Cheque Bounce - 500/- Bounce cheque
APR - 360%

An Example: Borrow Rs.10000 (for 20 days) at 1% a day. The total repayment amount post days is Rs. 12000. APR 360%

Why choose us?


Your Low Credit Score Doesn't Bother Us


Tenure of Repayment is Flexible




The Online Loan Application Interface is Simple


Responsible Lending


No Prepayment Charges

Steps to apply for our quick loan

Step 1- Fill your details in the application on our website.

Step 2- Upload your documents' soft copy.

Step 3- Wait for approval and the loan amount will be deposited within minutes

Why choose Advance Salary?

With you- 24*7 customer support.

Fast- Loan amount deposited within minutes.

Social distancing- Entire loan apply process is online.


A resident of India with proof.

The minimum age is 22 years.

A salaried employee with a minimum salary of Rs 20,000.

Necessary documents: Aadhar card(or Any ID Proof), PAN card, Bank statement of last threemonths, Salary slip of two months.

Company Accreditation

Click on the image to see our recognition certification. We are registered under the name BILZ Investment Ltd, a registered NBFC (non banking financial institution) , approved by RBI.

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