Sr. No. Parameter Details (Given For Illustrative Computation Purposes Only)
(I) Loan Amount Total Amount Sanctioned
(II) Total Interest Charge During The Entire Tenure Of The Loan Upto 1% Per Day
(III) Processing Fee (Including GST) 8-10% Of The Loan Amount
(IV) Insurance Charges, If Any (In Rupees) Applicable If Required
(V) Foreclosure Charges Upto 5% of Principal Outstanding + GST (Excluding Payday Loan)
(VI) Net Disbursed Amount ((I)-(III)) (In Rupees)
(VII) Total Amount To Be Paid By The Borrower Sum Of (I), (II) And (III) (In Rupees)
(VIII) Annual Percentage Rate - Effective Annualized Interest Rate (In Percentage) (Considering The ROI Of 1% Per Day) 365%
(IX) Tenure Of The Loan (Days) No. Of Days The Loan Is Availed
(X) Repayment Frequency By The Borrower One to Three Time Only
(XI) Number Of Installments Of Repayment 1 to 3
(XII) Amount Of Each Installment Of Repayment (In Rupees) (VII) + Applicable Interest
Details About Contingent Charges
(XIII) Rate Of Annualized Penal Charges In Case Of Delayed Payments (If Any) Upto 3% Per Month
Other Disclosures
(XV) Cooling Off/Look-Up Period During Which Borrower Shall Not Be Charged Any Penalty On Prepayment Of Loan 3 Day
(XVI) Name, Designation, Address And Phone Number Of Nodal Grievance Redressal Officer Designated Specifically To Deal With FinTech/ Digital Lending Related Complaints/ Issues Nishant Kumar Ojha, 1710, 17th Floor, WTT, Sector 16, Noida 201301 Contact: 8800750038